Algarden Natural Seaweed Moisture Lotion

Algarden Natural Seaweed Moisture Lotion
Brightening & Rejuvenating Essence

Algarden Natural Seaweed Moisture Lotion

Natural Algae & Plant Extracts
Chemical Preservative Free
Alcohol Free
Fragrance Free
Mineral Oil Free
Natural Emulsifier

Description: Skilled and well- practiced in the field of biotechnology, Algarden Co. holds exclusively innovative technology in skincare products. Extracted from natural algae and plant, Algarden Lotion contains the ideal active essences for skin care, and is supplemented by other natural ingredients. Its non-clogging attributes can be absorbed by skin easily. Algarden Lotion has nourishing, repairing and protecting effect. It also preserves moisture, controls oil and delays skin aging. As a result, overall skin quality and elasticity are improved. Your skin will be firm, smooth, soft and rejuvenated.
Skin Type: For all skintypes, including sensitive skin.
Application: Apply on freshly cleansed skin.
Storage Method: Store in a cool place away from direct heat or sunlight.Recommended stored in the refrigerator.
Storage Period: Two years (three months after opening).
Caution: Temporarily stop using the product if the skin is irritated, infected, or wounded.
MFG/EXP Date: Indicated on the box.
Capacity:100ml  3.4 fl.oz

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